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TripLights is a community based event and news app


An occurrence that has a location and timeframe and knowing about it is important for certain people.

Report / Share

Act like a reporter. Report events and news you believe are interesting and may help other people. The whole world can hear it.


Search for events just by “flying” over a certain region and see what is happening or what will happen. You can narrow your search by location, time and other parameters.


Thank (THx) TripLighters who reported events and news that helped you. Events that received many Thxs will be pushed up the list.


Communicate with other Triplighters who reported or appreciated (THxed) interesting events and news.

What Matters To You

Search for the events you care about. With TripLights filters you can get quick updates on different kinds of events without the hassle.


TripLights speaks your language, whether you're in Japan or France you can now translate any event to your language.

We'll Get You There

With the click of a button TripLights connects to your Waze GPS system (a free app) and shows you how to get to any event.

“When one man, for whatever reason,
has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life,
he has no right to keep it to himself.”

Jacques Cousteau
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